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Language Schools in Prague

If you are searching for a quality language school in Prague, look no further than our list of experts. We offer a recommended selection of Prague language schools located in various neighborhoods that feature extensive language programs for adults and children alike. The language schools showcase an array of languages, private lessons, business language and more. Have a look at our select language schools in Prague listed below. All of the articles are complete with descriptions, photographs, contact information and maps. Broaden your horizons and learn a new language - with this type of knowledge the sky is the limit!

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Institut Francais de Prague

The French Institute on Štěpánská Street in Prague is probably the best place to learn French, if the possibility of spending some time in the beautiful city of Paris or somewhere else in France is omitted. The current multidisciplinary function of the French Institute is based on the original concept proposing that the institute functions as a real university.People can enroll in French courses of all levels at three different times throughout the year. The French Institute offers courses of general French, business French, law French, courses that will prepare you for DELF and DALF exams, courses about French culture, courses for children, individual courses and many more. You can also study French directly in France with the institute.The French Institute aims to mediate the French culture and current events in France to Czechs and foreigners residing in Prague. Besides French courses that are taught by native speakers...

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Goethe-Institut in Prague

Goethe-Institut in Prague

The Goethe-Institut in Prague was founded in 1990 with the aim of spreading the knowledge of German language and awareness of contemporary Germany.Goethe-Institut that is located on Masarykovo nábřeží in Prague 1 offers a rich program of language courses and extensive program of internationally acknowledged exams. German courses are divided into trimesters and the offer of the Goethe-Institut includes besides standard courses also intensive language courses, special courses focusing on various topics (such as German literature, conversation courses, grammar, conversation and film), courses for companies, individual courses, courses for children and youth and many others. At Goethe-Institut there is also a library whose extensive collection of books and other material are available to all those who are interested in Germany, learning German or teach German themselves.Goethe-Institut organizes many cultural events at the...

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 Language School of the Capital City of Prague

The Language School of the Capital City of Prague

If you want to learn a foreign language at a quality institution, you will undoubtedly be pleased with the wide offer of language courses held by the Language School of the Capital City of Prague with Accreditation for State Language Examinations that has celebrated 90 years of its existence.At the Language School you can attend any of the courses for the general public, high school graduate language study, Czech for foreigners or daily intensive courses. The school also offers language courses for translators and interpreters, courses for companies, distance learning courses of English and less common languages – Arabic, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese and New Greek. At the Language School you can take various state language exams at all levels and many international certificate exams (FCE, CAE, DELE, etc.) for which the school will prepare you in its courses. Thanks to the Goethe Institute’s license of which...

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Caledonian School | Dejvice

Caledonian School

In operation since the early 1990s, Caledonian School now has several branches throughout Prague, however it operates foreign language classes all over the Czech Republic so learners are never far from a Caledonian School location.The Caledonian School offers a wide range of courses for general public in 18 languages. Besides common and less usual European languages they offer also oriental laguages such as Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew and Korean. In the lessons emphasis is put mainly on strengthening the students’ self-assurance when communicating in a foreign language. Besides general courses, conversation, business English, courses for seniors and preparation courses for Cambridge Exams, Caledonian School offers a unique thing among language schools – a course focused on the American variant of English. In the case of English and Czech there are also intensive courses on offer that are excellent for students who...

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Polyglot | Language School


The Polyglot Language School, with its branches spread all over the Czech Republic, has its prime location in Prague in the popular Nusle area.Language courses in English, German, French, Spanish, and other languages, take place early and later in the morning and in the evening hours, creating the perfect fit for any schedule. Besides the usual languages that are offered by most language schools in Prague, Polyglot also offers Czech for foreigners. In addition to group and individual private language courses, company courses, specialized courses (English for employees of restaurants and hotels, English for administration, and special subjects like negotiating, making telephone calls, etc.) Polyglot also holds language courses for the elderly who like to try new things and want to learn something new just for personal enrichment. Children can enroll in courses anytime throughout the year, and parents will pay only a proportionate...

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JIPKA | School

JIPKA - Prague Language School

The JIPKA Prague Language Institute has been teaching the Czech Republic new languages since 1998, and during this time has gained not only a very good reputation, but also a large number of satisfied customers and students. JIPKA offers language courses for the general public, personal or individual language courses, language courses for companies, and much more. With many branches based not only in Prague (Prague 1 - Národní, Prague 3 - Flora, Prague 4 - Opatov, Prague 5 - Butovice, and the newest location at Prague 8 - Palmovka), but also in other Czech cities, you’ll be able to choose the most suitable and convenient location for you.The Institute is divided into several sections offering a host of different linguistic services - a language school, translation and proofreading services, a translation center, an exceptional city guide and business welcome service, as well as preparation for graduation and college exams,...

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