www.d-n-a.cz, +420 222 956 501 (Praha), +420 777 907 328 (Brno)

Like strands of DNA coiling into a double helix, the two distinct fields of design and architecture also link up and belong together. This is the philosophy of the appropriately named D'N'A (Design and Architecture) studio. D'N'A offers a full spectrum of architectural services, and it also designs and manufactures atypical design objects. The studio has completed a number of commercial and residential projects starting from the initial proposal, development study, project documentation and engineering, to the final product. They are also very hands-on and closely monitor each phase. Although you’ll find mostly commercial projects in D'N'A’s portfolio, such as the Mastercard offices in Budapest or the Prague Na Jedli restaurant, they welcome challenges big and small and will design apartments of all sizes, as well as offices, showrooms, or even family homes. Their services extend to graphic and product design. They know how to create an amazing green wall featuring textured pictures made out of real moss. They stabilize the plants by replacing their sap with a safe solution, and then shape them into magical surfaces and shapes. It’s a perfect, stylish decoration, and it’s basically maintenance-free compared to other plants. Based in Prague, the backbone of D'N'A is a couple of young architects and designers. There is also a team in Brno. Studio D'N'A takes pride in its careful, individual approach to each project. Their experts get to know the client‘s wishes as well as the space, location, surroundings, and all other aspects of the project. They will come to you, anywhere in the Czech Republic or its neighboring countries, just send them an email or call them at one of the numbers listed below. 

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