Bohemian Works


Pankrác 1221, 33023 Nýřany, +420 377 932 477, Václavské náměstí 66, Praha 1.,

Bohemian Works manufactures and sells aged-oak products that cover a wide range of parquet flooring, intricate paneling and custom-made furniture. Its production facilities are located in Plzeň in the west of Bohemia.

The Bohemian Works floor collection is made of premium quality Moravian and French oak and each floor is 2 cm thick. The boards and panels are mechanically matured which gives the floors the unique appearance of beautiful old wood that is, however, to last for many more years due to its consistency and endurance. All of the Bohemian Works flooring, panelling and other furniture will add a special charm to your home and will impress you as well as your house guests again and again. All products are manufactured to the customer’s individual requirements with special emphasis put on detail and high quality. Bohemian Works cooperates with renowned European designers including Tina Mavriki, Olgoj Chorchoj and Osiris Hertman.

Bohemian Works products include, but are not limited to, wooden paneling, doors, parquet flooring, bookshelves, beds, tables, chairs, radiator coverings and many more. If you want to own a unique piece of high-quality furniture of premium oak wood, do not hesitate and contact Bohemian Works.

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