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FeelHome Brand Relaunched with New Visual Face


The Svoboda & Williams real estate company has relaunched the FeelHome brand, which focuses on stylish affordable housing, giving it a new visual face. The brand relaunch involves a new logo and a website with fully responsive design.

"We were aiming to create a new platform for property presentation which would appeal to younger generations and thereby break the stereotype that real estate presentation is bound to be boring," said Daša Andrejcová, who is newly in charge of the business development of the FeelHome brand. "Even in the lower price range, we would like to offer the high standard of services which the clients of Svoboda & Williams are accustomed to," she adds, explaining the new concept of the brand.

FeelHome's new visual identity is based on emotions which people feel when at home. "The new concept of FeelHome reflects an innovative way of communication through graphic design using well-known emoticons tested by time. These familiar yellow circles nowadays constitute a global language for feelings which is why the empty and universal one has become the new FeelHome logo,“ explains Natalie Kuznetsová, the Art Director at Svoboda & Williams. In the FeelHome concept, emoticons are meant to evoke a specific kind of emotion, associated with a dream home, in the recipients.

FeelHome Website 


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