Family Houses Dobříš

Houses that do not exceed the surrounding trees.
Houses where all inhabitants have their own privacy, yet are only a few steps away from socializing with friendly neighbors.
Houses from which it is possible to be immediately in the woods, but also to immediately shop for fresh pastries for breakfast in the morning.
This is the project of twenty houses & semi-detached houses in Dobříš, Central Bohemia, close to the lush Brdy forests.
This development project is being built with great emphasis placed on respect for nature. The extremely energy-efficient houses (A category) with their impressive & attractive architectural design do not disturb the surrounding countryside, but rather complement it in a suitable way. The family houses & semi-detached houses with their practical layouts will offer harmonious housing to those who wish to be in direct contact with nature and at the same time have all advantages of modern living.


The project is located in a quiet location of Dobříš at the edge of a forest, within walking distance of a complete urban infrastructure with cultural and sport activities: Fitness center, children's playroom, kindergartens, two basic schools, restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, medical center, pharmacy. In the immediate vicinity one can find a nature trail, ponds, hiking trails & cycling paths, a nature park, and more. The location is also convenient thanks to easy access to the D4 motorway, and a bus connection to Prague that takes approx. 30 minutes.


The sizes of the houses range from 115 to 166 m2 with gardens ranging from the smallest, 354 meters to the largest corner plot of 992 square meters. Houses have a pre-assembled wooden structure that contributes to greater privacy and forms a semi-enclosed space at the balconies on the upper floors and in the partially covered areas on the ground floor, without obstructing views. The structure can be covered with vegetation in order to create a semi-private atrium in individual rooms or terraces. The whole project has a uniform impression.
Standard equipment features wooden floating floors, while the terraces are made of Siberian larch. The windows are wooden EURO with all-round fittings, glazed with insulating triple glazing. Heating with an air / water heat pump with equithermal control (the water temperature changes automatically depending on the temperature outdoors). Floor heating in all rooms.

Overview table

Address Dobříš, Praha-západ
Parking Yes
Building Energy Rating A
Reference number 26807

Family house offer

Unit Usable area Balcony Plot Parking Price
Four-bedroom House (5 + kk), B01 172 m2 5 m2 719 m2 Yes € 355 422
Four-bedroom House (5 + kk), B02 172 m2 5 m2 836 m2 Yes € 433 735
Four-bedroom House (5 + kk), B03 172 m2 5 m2 606 m2 Yes sold
Four-bedroom House (5 + kk), C01 172 m2 5 m2 582 m2 Yes € 399 598
Four-bedroom House (5 + kk), C02 172 m2 5 m2 649 m2 Yes sold
Three-bedroom House (4 + kk), E01b 127 m2 12 m2 393 m2 Yes sold
Three-bedroom House (4 + kk), E03b 127 m2 12 m2 369 m2 Yes sold
Four-bedroom House (5 + kk), C03 166 m2 - 992 m2 Yes sold
Four-bedroom House (5 + kk), D03 166 m2 - 775 m2 Yes sold
Four-bedroom House (5 + kk), D02 166 m2 - 552 m2 Yes sold
Three-bedroom House (4 + kk), E03a 115 m2 - 390 m2 Yes sold
Three-bedroom House (4 + kk), E02b 115 m2 - 391 m2 Yes sold
Three-bedroom House (4 + kk), E02a 115 m2 - 392 m2 Yes sold
Three-bedroom House (4 + kk), E01a 115 m2 - 354 m2 Yes sold
Four-bedroom House (5 + kk), A02 175 m2 7 m2 660 m2 Yes € 413 655
Four-bedroom House (5 + kk), A03 175 m2 7 m2 785 m2 Yes sold
Four-bedroom House (5 + kk), A04 175 m2 7 m2 837 m2 Yes sold

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Magdalena Svatková

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