Nove Lauby

This residential project is being built in the center of Ostrava right next to Masaryk Square. Once completed, it will contribute to the revival of the historic city center. The Nové Lauby apartment complex is being created with the ambition to show the direction that modern urbanism can take. The five connected buildings in the form of a traditional city block will naturally merge with the surrounding buildings and offer timeless living in the heart of the Moravian-Silesian metropolis. The estimated completion date is Q4 2023. All 52 residential units, 2 studios and 4 non-residential premises will be offered for sale in stages.
About the project
The project's shape was created by the renowned Znamení Čtyř - Architekti studio. The new five-story building will harmoniously fill the gap created in the 1960s between Velká, Muzejní, Pivovarská, and Dlouhá streets in the center of Ostrava. The buildings will be covered with greenery, and a landscaped atrium will be created in their center. The basement offers plenty of parking spaces and cellars.


Ostrava has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. The characteristic industrial character remains, but it is gradually beginning to be complemented by interesting architecture, smartly designed public spaces, and rich cultural and gastronomic activities. The apartment complex is located in a very attractive area in the historic center of Ostrava, on Masaryk Square, which is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, a shopping center, a museum, a cinema, or a library. The Antonín Dvořák Theater is a 10-minute walk away as are schools of all levels. Part of the city monument zone is also the large park on Černá Louka. The Ostravice River is lined with bike paths.
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In the Nové Lauby residential complex, 85 apartments with layouts ranging from studios to 3-bedrooms are being built, which will be completed to one of two optional standards. Thirty-three apartments will be offered for rent, and 52 apartments, 2 semi-residential units with front gardens, and 4 non-residential premises are intended for purchase. The floor areas of ​​most apartments will be expanded by a balcony or loggia, and the premium units located on the top floor will offer, in addition to generous footage, a private rooftop terrace with wide views of the surrounding area. Large-format windows with wood-aluminum frames will let in plenty of daylight and provide views of Masarykovo Square, Muzejní Street, or a landscaped atrium full of trees and other greenery.

Overview table

Address Masarykovo náměstí, Ostrava, Moravská Ostrava
Parking Yes
Building Energy Rating B
Reference number 40498

Apartment offer

Unit Interior Balcony Parking Price
Atelier 1+kk, ground floor, 1.D.N06 48 m2 20 m2 No reserved
Atelier 1+kk, ground floor, 1.E.N05 50 m2 22 m2 No reserved
Three-bedroom apartment (4+kk), 1st floor, 2.A.01 105 m2 15 m2 Yes € 366 202
One-bedroom apartment (2+kk), 1st floor, 2.A.02, 59 m2 3 m2 Yes reserved
Studio apartment (1+kk), 1st floor, 2.A.03 32 m2 3 m2 No reserved
Three-bedroom apartment (4+kk), 2nd floor, 3.A.01 123 m2 - Yes € 413 933
One-bedroom apartment (2+kk), 2nd floor, 3.A.02, 58 m2 3 m2 Yes reserved
Three-bedroom apartment (4+kk), 2nd floor, 3.A.04 99 m2 3 m2 Yes reserved
One-bedroom apartment (2+kk), 3rd floor, 4.A.02, 59 m2 3 m2 Yes reserved
Three-bedroom apartment (4+kk), 3rd floor, 4.A.03 133 m2 6 m2 Yes € 532 243
One-bedroom apartment (2+kk), ground floor, 1.D.01 58 m2 - Yes reserved
One-bedroom apartment (2+kk), ground floor, 1.D.02 73 m2 - Yes € 249 909
Two-bedroom apartment (3+kk), 1st floor, 1.D.03 94 m2 - Yes € 334 174
Two-bedroom apartment (3+kk), 1st floor, 2.D.01 98 m2 9 m2 Yes reserved
One-bedroom apartment (2+kk), 1st floor, 2.D.02, 77 m2 3 + 4 m2 Yes reserved
Two-bedroom apartment (3+kk), 2nd floor, 3.D.01 99 m2 9 m2 Yes reserved
Three-bedroom apartment (4+kk), 2nd floor, 3.D.03 131 m2 5 m2 Yes € 478 186
One-bedroom apartment (2+kk), 2nd floor, 3.D.04, 54 m2 - Yes reserved
Three-bedroom apartment (4+kk), 3rd floor, 4.D.02 73 m2 5 m2 Yes reserved
Three-bedroom apartment (4+kk), 3rd floor, 4.D.03 131 m2 5 m2 Yes € 518 956
Studio apartment (1+kk), 3rd floor, 4.D.04 32 m2 - No € 138 822
Studio apartment (1+kk), ground floor, 1.E.01 42 m2 - No reserved
Studio apartment (1+kk), ground floor, 1.E.02 46 m2 - No € 164 084
Studio apartment (1+kk), ground floor, 1.E.03 37 m2 - No € 136 713
Two-bedroom apartment (3+kk), 1st floor, 2.E.01 85 m2 10 m2 Yes € 293 717
Two-bedroom apartment (3+kk), 1st floor, 2.E.05 100 m2 - Yes € 336 679
Two-bedroom apartment (3+kk), 1st floor, 2.E.06 80 m2 2 m2 Yes reserved
Two-bedroom apartment (3+kk), 2nd floor, 3.E.01 84 m2 10 m2 Yes € 316 074
One-bedroom apartment (2+kk), 2nd floor, 3.E.02 53 m2 - Yes reserved
Two-bedroom apartment (3+kk), 2nd floor, 3.E.06 80 m2 2 m2 Yes reserved
One-bedroom apartment (3+kk), 3rd floor, 4.E.02 80 m2 14 m2 Yes € 322 675
One-bedroom apartment (2+kk), 3rd floor, 4.E.03 73 m2 28 m2 Yes € 314 427
One-bedroom apartment (2+kk), 3rd floor, 4.E.04 81 m2 6 m2 Yes € 288 109

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