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Houses, Flats for rent and sale, Apartment Rentals, House Rental, Prague

Apartments, family houses in Prague for sale, rent.

The aim of is to help you better orient yourself in the world of residential housing in Prague.
Welcome to the website of the project. Our aim is to make your orientation in the world of residential housing in Prague easier. Our offer includes not only descriptions of particular affordable and yet quality housing in Prague and its surroundings, but also useful information on housing in general. Besides the offer of flats and family houses for sale and rent in Prague our website also contains a selection of reliable suppliers of various goods and services related to life in Prague verified by renowned experts. We report on flats, family houses for sale and related services in Czech and English with professional photographs that make it possible to create a first impression true to reality. We are not only mediators, we will help you assess your intentions and recommend optimum solutions to your needs. We believe that you will also appreciate subsequent financial and legal service that will make it possible to set your potential purchase or rental into a realistic framework of formal terms.

Written about Us

Jana Kirschner
At the end of last year we spontaneously decided to move to Prague. The decision came suddenly and in the beginning nobody believed that we meant it. However, when we announced in mid November that we will move by Christmas, all our friends and family nodded their heads in disbelief. Since we were busy working...

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We help our clients to better orient themselves in the possibilities available at the moment for financing a property purchase. We will suggest what product corresponds best to the client's current needs and possibilities.

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Legal Services

The purchase of a property consists of a sequence of steps that are subject to many formal requirements. Only a legally perfect transaction is a secure transaction. We are on the side of the client when they need legal help.

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