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15. October 2018

Svoboda & Williams is Ushering Virtual Reality into the World of Real Estate

Svoboda & Williams is the first Czech real estate agency to present a new project - the Šárecký dvůr residential park - in virtual and augmented reality. Svoboda & Williams will use virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in its marketing campaigns for select projects in the future.

Imagine that you are entering into your new apartment. It’s not built yet, but you can walk through it and see and sense what the individual rooms are really like. You can look through the various standards and observe and compare colors, materials, etc. This gives you the opportunity to change the architect’s or designer’s plans that you don’t like and that you wouldn’t catch on a 2D plan or visualization. VR will help you save time and money.

“The opportunity to simulate physical presence in an as yet non-existent space makes virtual reality an ideal tool that facilitates communication between the architect, developer, real estate agency and clients, who may have a hard time imagining what a space looks like,” explains Marian Kolev, Marketing Director at Svoboda & Williams. “What’s more, augmented reality (AR) offers even more possibilities to scroll through user-friendly virtual models on a cell phone or tablet.”

VR is revolutionizing the real estate business. It enables the “physical” presentation of projects that are in the preparation phase and exist only “on paper,” including virtual apartment home-staging. It allows clients to go on a “real” visit to their future home, helping them decide whether to buy it or not. It allows developers and real estate companies to sell a higher number of properties in the pre-sale phase.

„Apartments in new residential projects have up to now been sold solely based on their listings ‘on paper,‘ almost like blind buys,“ says Marian Kolev. „The Šárecký dvůr VR presentation has persuaded us that virtual reality has a high added value in terms of real estate marketing, and so, from now on, for select larger projects it will be part of our standard offer of marketing services starting in the pre-sale phase.“

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Svoboda & Williams is Ushering Virtual Reality into the World of Real Estate

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