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14. July 2022

Kindergarten for Sale in the Newly Emerging Na Pramenech Neighborhood

Once complete, the Na Pramenech residential project will create a new neighborhood in Prague 9 with seventy family houses and semi-detached houses, a park, and a kindergarten. This school building is currently being added to Svoboda & Williams’ listings.

From the very beginning, the goal of the Na Pramenech residential project was to create a unique, gated community concept with a pleasant family atmosphere enhanced by a kindergarten with a playground. Situated by the entrance to the complex, this two-story building with a usable area of 416 sq. m. is surrounded by a 771 sq. m. garden. The kindergarten is being sold in a state of shell and core, i.e., without final surfaces in the interiors.

“Considering the concept overarching the entire project, the building is an excellent investment opportunity. As we expected, most of the new owners of the houses in Na Pramenech are young families, and so once the kindergarten starts enrolling children, it will reach full capacity in just a few months,” says Vanda Böhmová, real estate agent at Svoboda & Williams.

More information about the project. 

Kindergarten for Sale in the Newly Emerging Na Pramenech Neighborhood

03. June 2022

New Faces at Svoboda & Williams

The Svoboda & Williams team continued to expand this year. The marketing, residential sales, and property management teams all recently welcomed new members.

Daria Anikina, who graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University with a master’s in sociology with a focus on public opinion, sociological, and marketing research, is our new Marketing Manager. Daria worked for three years in CTP’s marketing team, where she was responsible for business development, marketing, and communication for the Czech Republic, Central, Eastern, and Western Europe. Besides Czech, she speaks English and Russian fluently, and can also communicate in French, Spanish, and Chinese.

Two of our residential sales teams have added members—Lucie Staňková and Simona Martykánová are our newest Sales Representatives. Lucie has a bachelor’s in business management with marketing from the University of Westminster in London. She was previously a marketing manager at Avion, then joined Svoboda & Williams’ residential rentals team, and has now returned to the company in a new position after her parental leave. She speaks both English and Greek, having lived and worked in Athens for two years. Simona began working in real estate right after graduation, and focuses on the premium property segment. At Svoboda & Williams, she will mainly be responsible for real estate in the Moravian-Silesian region. Simona speaks English and Russian fluently.

The residential rentals team has also welcomed a new member—Letting Representative Julia Zhuravska, who has a bachelor’s in international management from the Webster Vienna Private University. In 2021, she completed a retraining course in real estate and began working as a certified broker at Sotheby's International Realty. Besides Czech, she is also fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, and English.

Leona Štefková has returned to the property management team as a Senior Property Manager after parental leave. Prior to joining Svoboda & Williams, she was the head of residential property management departments at Impact-Corti and CBRE. Leona has a master’s in business and law from the University of Economics as well as a master’s in physical education and sports management from Charles University. Leona speaks English fluently.

New colleagues Valerie Duchanová and Katarína Brányiková have joined the receptionists' team.

New Faces at Svoboda & Williams

15. March 2022

Third Sales Phase of the Nové Lauby Residential Project Launched

Based on an agreement with the investor, the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency is launching the third sales phase of the Nové Lauby residential project. Eleven apartments are now being offered for sale.

The Nové Lauby residential project is being built in the center of Ostrava, where it will naturally connect with the surrounding development. Once completed, it will offer 81 apartments. Of these, 52 units will be for sale and are gradually being added to Svoboda & Williams’ listings. Anyone interested in modern housing designed by the renowned znamení čtyř – architekti studio can now choose between eleven newly listed apartments that have studio to three-bedroom layouts.

The Nové Lauby project is proceeding according to plan. Currently, work is continuing on the foundation slab and the first floors will be constructed soon, and so the rough construction will gradually grow in height.

More information about the Nové Lauby project.


Third Sales Phase of the Nové Lauby Residential Project Launched

04. March 2022

Svoboda & Williams Employees Send CZK 400,000 to Ukraine

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a wave of solidarity swept across the Czech Republic. Svoboda & Williams employees organized a donation drive and raised CZK 400,000 in just five days. The collected amount will be sent to the Red Cross.

“The entire world is watching what is happening in Ukraine and it’s important for those who can to help. Since last Thursday, a large group of colleagues have been supporting the country in various ways. Earlier this week, however, we came to the conclusion that joint and coordinated assistance is the most effective. We therefore chose to support Ukraine by donating to the Red Cross, which provides essential health care services in war-torn areas and is prepared for the arrival of refugees from Ukraine,” says Prokop Svoboda, owner of Svoboda & Williams.

You can support the Red Cross in Ukraine by sending a donation to the following account: 333999/2700, variable symbol 1502.

Svoboda & Williams Employees Send CZK 400,000 to Ukraine

16. February 2022

Market Report H2 2021: The Prague Residential Market Through the Lens of Svoboda & Williams

All of 2021 was marked by record-breaking demand for real estate and the rising prices thereof, neither of which slowed down at the start of the year despite expectations that they would. The property segment long monitored by the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency also experienced growth. The events of the past year are the focus of the eighth edition of our Market Report.

One of the main motivations of buyers that drove prices and demand for properties upward was a desire to protect their savings against inflation. Uncertainty about the future of the real estate market also played a role, as it’s impossible to know when property prices will peak. In 2021, clients of Svoboda & Williams paid an average of CZK 152,043 per sq. m. for new builds, i.e. 12.1% more than in 2020. The price per sq. m. for resales reached CZK 132,062, an increase of 10.6%.

These figures show that the average prices in the segment monitored by Svoboda & Williams don’t replicate the sharp growth in prices in the mainstream property segment during this period of good economic indicators. Inflation is most evident in the prices of apartments in new projects, due to the large volume of increasingly expensive building material and construction work.

Svoboda & Williams’ analysis also shows that average monthly rents have started to rise significantly. As expats and foreign students returned to Prague after the easing of pandemic measures, demand for rental properties recovered robustly, which also drove up the price of the average rent for an apartment in the segment monitored by Svoboda & Williams. According to the Rental Price Index by S&W + VŠE, it grew by 5.7% up to CZK 30,900 per month.

The analyses in the Market Report are based on sales and rental transactions generated by Svoboda & Williams’ activities, to which are added data on real estate sales obtained from the Land Registry that correspond to the parameters of the monitored sample. The Market Report works exclusively with data based on actually achieved prices, the calculation of which includes the price for parking spaces and a proportion of the exterior. To recalculate the exterior area, this methodology uses a specially developed algorithm that progressively reduces the exterior area while also taking into account its ratio to the interior area.

Another useful tool for a more accurate interpretation of the development of the rental market is the Rental Price Index by S&W + VŠE, an analytical instrument developed by Svoboda & Williams in cooperation with the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the University of Economics in Prague. The data used in this index are the actually achieved rents of apartments listed by Svoboda & Williams.

Svoboda & Williams Market Report | H2 2021 download (pdf).

Read previously published Market Reports.


Market Report H2 2021: The Prague Residential Market Through the Lens of Svoboda & Williams

25. January 2022

Svoboda & Williams Financially Supported the Czech Society for Ornithology

Svoboda & Williams has financially supported the Czech Society for Ornithology with a donation. The Society has been involved in the protection of birds and their natural environment for a long time and strives to motivate the general public to protect them as well.

In addition to its monitoring and research activities, the Czech Society for Ornithology also helps establish bird parks that are not only refuges for birds, but for other endangered animal and plant species as well. Thus far, the CSO has been behind the successful creation of four bird parks: Josefovské Louky, Mnišské Louky, Kosteliska, and Malou Lipovou. The donation will be used for the future development of these areas.

We have been involved in the protection of valuable natural habitats for many years now, for example through our cooperation with the Wetlands and Zamenis associations. The Czech Society for Ornithology focuses on activities that are closely intertwined with ours, and so supporting them was the logical next step,” says Prokop Svoboda, Managing Partner of Svoboda & Williams.


Svoboda & Williams Financially Supported the Czech Society for Ornithology

19. January 2022

Zdeněk Vojtek Is the New Regional Director of Svoboda & Williams

This January, Zdeněk Vojtek joined the Svoboda & Williams team. After spending many years working for leading real estate companies, he is now Regional Director for Moravia.

Zdeněk Vojtek has been active in the real estate market since 1998. For seventeen years, he led his own real estate agency and in 2015 worked as Leasing Manager at AIG/LINCOLN CZ, later known as White Star Real Estate, where he was responsible for real estate transactions in the Campus Science Park office complex, logistics, and retail. For the last almost three years, as Senior Leasing Manager for the CPI Property Group, he was in charge of a regional portfolio that focused on the office segment, which included the multifunctional Nová Zbrojovka project, for instance.

So far, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in very interesting projects that are transforming the city of Brno. I’m looking forward to a new challenge—developing the full potential of the Svoboda & Williams company in Moravia,” says Zdeněk Vojtek, new Regional Director at Svoboda & Williams.


Zdeněk Vojtek Is the New Regional Director of Svoboda & Williams

12. January 2022

Newest Team Members at Svoboda & Williams

At the beginning of 2022, the Svoboda & Williams’ team increased rather significantly. Residential Sales and Rentals netted the most new hires, but the Analytics, Marketing, and Property Management teams also expanded.

Kryštof Kušiak, who holds a master’s degree in management from the University of Economics, joined the company as a Research Analyst. He previously worked in finance, project management, and was an acquisition analyst in development. He is currently studying real estate valuation remotely. Kryštof speaks English and French fluently.

The Marketing Team welcomed Erika Tikan as Junior Graphic Designer. She is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in multimedia in economic practice at VŠE. She previously worked on private graphic and photography projects and created her own short film. Erika speaks Russian, Ukrainian, and English.

Zuzana Opačitá is the newest member of the Property Management Team. She received a master’s degree from Comenius University’s Faculty of Law. She has been working in property management since 2016, including a stint at Bohemian Estates and Hamilton & Co Asset Management, where her portfolio included residential rentals. Zuzana speaks English fluently and German at a conversational level.

Three new Sales Representatives were welcomed into the various Residential Sales teams. Dominika Heidenreichová is a student of media studies at the Metropolitan University Prague. Her previous work experience includes a job as an Event Coordinator at a golf resort. Dominika speaks English fluently. Zuzana Štafurová has been working in real estate for seven years, both in residential sales as well as rentals, and her experience also extends to property management. Zuzana speaks both Slovak and English fluently. Oli Dohnal Zhuk has a degree in work and organizational psychology from the Maastricht University and also holds a project management certificate from Baruch College. Oli worked in education and consulting, and speaks English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Roman Mrázek and Jakub Neužil are the latest Letting Representatives to join the Residential Rentals team. Most recently, Roman worked as a recruiter at Hays and previously had a job in London at the Villaverde design studio, and therefore speaks English fluently. Jakub has a master’s degree in international business from the University of Economics. As a student, he was an intern at the Lasvit branch in London, and spent two years in the beer brewing industry. Jakub speaks English and Spanish fluently.

Our reception desk also recruited new members. At our office on Na Perštýně Street, you can now meet Linda Victoria Nitrová, who is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing and creative communication at the University of Creative Communication. In high school, she spent half a year in Canada, where she learned how to speak English fluently; German is her native language. Alena Krejčíková, a graduate of the Business Academy in Liberec, joined the Reception team in our newest West Flexi Offices. She speaks English fluently and Russian at a basic level.


Newest Team Members at Svoboda & Williams

11. January 2022

Exclusive Life Magazine Interviewed Magdalena Svatková

The January issue of Exclusive Life includes an interview with Magdalena Svatková, who leads Svoboda & Williams’ most successful team that focuses on the sale of premium real estate.

I got to where I am today mostly thanks to hard work, continuous education and training, and professionalism. I am grateful for my career and lucky that I get to do what I love. Maintaining good contacts with clients has been extremely important and I’ve stuck with the mantra ‘fortune favors the prepared mind’,” says Magdalena Svatková in the interview.


Exclusive Life Magazine Interviewed Magdalena Svatková

15. December 2021

Second Sales Phase of the Nové Lauby Residential Project Launched

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency is launching the second sales phase of the Nové Lauby residential project that is currently being built in the center of Ostrava under the supervision of the investor—the BBB Nové Lauby Association—in cooperation with the city of Ostrava and the znamení čtyř – architekti studio.

Once completed, the Nové Lauby residential project will offer a total of 85 apartments. The 31 apartments that the city will buy from the investor will exclusively be used as rental housing; 52 apartments will be for sale and these will gradually be added to Svoboda & Williams’ property listings. “We are now offering seven apartments with studio to three-bedroom layouts and one non-residential space. We launched the first sales phase in October and in just one month we signed seven binding reservations. As expected, the units in this project are in great demand,” says Eva Prašivková, Senior Property Consultant at Svoboda & Williams.

While the sale of the apartments is ongoing, the actual construction of the project is also moving forward. At present, earthwork and excavation work is being intensively carried out and is already two-thirds complete.

More about the Nové Lauby residential project.

Second Sales Phase of the Nové Lauby Residential Project Launched

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