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15. November 2021

Svoboda & Williams Launches the Fourth Phase of the Sale of the Na Pramenech Family Houses

The successful Na Pramenech residential project is entering the next phase, i.e., the sale of the two semi-detached houses with the most generous floor areas and layouts. The houses in the first three phases are partially completed and fully sold out and the first residents of the complex have already moved in.

The fourth phase of the Na Pramenech residential project, which is currently under construction, will consist of houses with three-bedroom and four-bedroom layouts with the possibility of individual modification to five-bedroom. Their great advantage is their location in the eastern part of the complex near a grassy area, and so future owners can be assured that no further construction will be carried out in the immediate vicinity of their homes. They will also have pleasant views of the greenery and a high level of privacy.

The Na Pramenech project is in high demand. We have been gradually selling the houses in it in three phases since March of last year and they are already completely sold out. Prospective buyers of the houses that are currently being added to our offer therefore have the opportunity to move into a quiet, fully occupied residential neighborhood,” adds Vanda Böhmová, real estate agent at Svoboda & Williams.

After the houses in the fourth phases are built, a nursery school will be constructed in the complex while work on the overall appearance and landscaping of the project will take place. Final approval for the fourth phase is scheduled for the fall of 2022.

More information about the Na Pramenech project.


Svoboda & Williams Launches the Fourth Phase of the Sale of the Na Pramenech Family Houses

25. October 2021

Svoboda & Williams Was the Partner of the Real Estate Market Autumn 2021 Conference

The twentieth annual Real Estate Market conference took place on Wednesday, October 20th. Organized by the Stavební forum online magazine, its four panel discussions brought together experts across the spectrum of the real estate market, who looked back at what happened over the past year and outlined the changes brought about and accelerated by the pandemic and the Green New Deal.

The first panel discussion, Offices and Retail: The New Reality, featured a presentation on coworking and shared offices by Kateřina Burešová, a Flexible Workspace Consultant at Svoboda & Williams. She and the other panelists agreed that the home office isn’t a sustainable way to work in the long term, but that new workspaces will need to reflect tenants’ demands for an environment that they’ll look forward to return to. Shared offices offer increasingly sought-after flexible options, while at the same time space where people can meet spontaneously. “Shared offices are no longer seen as a “new age” way of working and should now be an integral part of every modern office building in the future, like a canteen, for instance,” said Burešová.

Jana Vlková, Director of Workplace Advisory at Colliers International, pointed out that, on the one hand, it’s important for new offices to be designed as an experience and for workspaces to be as pleasant as possible, on the other hand people need to feel that if they don’t go to the office, they’ll miss out on something because they won’t get to take part in everyday informal meetings. Petr Palička, Country Managing Director at Penta Real Estate, mentioned several examples of current office space developments. Looking back on the last several months, demand for offices is still high, but tenants’ requirements are changing. They want more communal spaces, terraces, greenery, and the building’s integration into the city infrastructure.

Petr Zahálka, Sales Director of ProInterier, together with Leoš Andrle, Executive Director of Sekyra Group, commented on the construction and fit-out of office space from the implementation end. Due to rising construction costs, tenants are trying as much as possible to save on office furniture, and the situation is made even more complicated by the shortages in technologies and materials, which many projects have had to contend with.


Svoboda & Williams Was the Partner of the Real Estate Market Autumn 2021 Conference

22. October 2021

Andrea Střechová Spoke at the Renaissance of Rental Housing Conference

The Real Estate Academy held the Renaissance of Rental Housing conference on October 13th, the aim of which was to present this investment segment of the Czech real estate market in a complex and in-depth fashion. It provided a space where experts from development, landlords, investors, building managers, lawyers, and insurance company and bank representatives could meet and discuss important topics.

Andrea Střechová, whose experience advising investors and developers working in the residential rental sector stretches to more than 15 years, spoke at the conference on behalf of Svoboda & Williams. During her presentation, she touched on issues such as how to optimize rental yields and how to build a relationship with tenants. "The rental housing trend had already been growing before the pandemic, but it’s only accelerated during the last two years. The willingness and necessity to pay rent instead of taking out a mortgage increased significantly. Tenants are also demanding high quality housing and so today it’s absolutely essential to create properties that reflect this desire for efficiency and perfection.


Andrea Střechová Spoke at the Renaissance of Rental Housing Conference

19. October 2021

Svoboda & Williams Partner of the Real Estate Forum 2021 Conference

On Wednesday, October 13th, the 3rd annual prestigious Real Estate Forum 2021 conference was held in Brno at the Courtyard by Marriott Brno hotel. Its central themes were real estate challenges related to the Brno city master plan, the market in the post-coronavirus era, and investment trends in the South Moravian Region.

The Real Estate Forum 2021 conference, organized by the Havel & Partners law firm, is a recurring excellent opportunity to meet with experts in multiple real estate market specialties. The opening debate was about the challenges facing the city of Brno, most of which are related to the current master plan. Viktor Poledník, an urban planner working in the Department for Planning and Development, together with Mark Vinter, chairman of the board of the Association of Brno Architects and Builders, agreed that the current zoning plan doesn’t create the right conditions for new projects to be built, and so local property prices are skyrocketing. At the same time, Brno lacks an effective transport and technical infrastructure, both of which are burdened by the growing suburbanization, which is why it’s vitally important to focus on densification and metropolitan development in the coming years.

In the second part of the conference, panelists discussed the impact of the pandemic on the residential, commercial, and industrial segments. The pandemic has acted as an accelerator on the rental and flexible office market. Marcel Soural, chairman of Trigema, spoke about the behavior of investment funds, which are buying up large rental units, thus indicating the direction that the residential market will take in the next several years. Prokop Svoboda, owner of the Svoboda & Williams real estate company, touched upon the current situation in the flexible office segment. Even large companies now want to be flexible when it comes to their employees and clients, whether in terms of the size and layout of the leased workspace, its location, or the services provided. The office has also changed from a place of work to a place for communication, meetings, spontaneous interactions, brainstorming sessions, strengthening corporate culture, and sharing values.

The conference concluded with a panel on investment opportunities in Brno and the South Moravian Region and on the rebuilding of the communities affected by the tornado. One of the participants, Director of the VIA Foundation Zdeněk Mihalco, had much to say about this subject. Other panelists discussed the investment potential of commercial real estate, which, according to Lukáš Netolický of Cushman & Wakefield, is still large since people want to go back to work, albeit in a different setting. Developers of office buildings should now primarily focus on bringing offices closer to public spaces, broadening their outdoor areas, and generally creating places that employees enjoy returning to on a regular basis.


Svoboda & Williams Partner of the Real Estate Forum 2021 Conference

15. October 2021

Svoboda & Williams Launches the Sale of Units in the Nové Lauby Residential Project in Ostrava

Exclusively appointed by the investor Sdružení BBB Nové Lauby, the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency is launching the sale of the units in the Nové Lauby residential project, which is being built in the center of Ostrava.

The Nové Lauby residential project is the result of the collaboration between the investor, Sdružení BBB Nové Lauby, the architectural studio znamení čtyř – architekti, and the city of Ostrava. Its pioneering concept will revive the city center and develop rental housing, as the municipal authority will purchase a portion of the apartments and parking spaces for this very purpose.

Svoboda & Williams will expand its portfolio with the inclusion of 52 studio to three-bedroom apartments, spread out from the first to the fifth floors. Most of the units will be extended by a balcony or loggia, with the most generously apportioned ones on the topmost floor including a private rooftop terrace. Thanks to the project’s shape as five buildings forming a city block, an atrium full of greenery will be created in its center. Two studios will come with their own front gardens. All of the apartments will offer clever layouts that help suffuse the interiors with light and maximum comfort is ensured by large triple-glazed windows with aluminum or wooden frames, quality wooden floors, and bathrooms with large-format tiles and brand-name sanitary ware.

The street level will function as a sophisticated storefront with the profile of a classic urban arcade, creating space for four non-residential premises for sale. There will also be ample parking and basement storage units. Due to this unique approach, which blends in with Ostrava’s architectural composition and will help cultivate and develop the city center, the units in the Nové Lauby project are a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity with a significant growth potential.

More about the Nové Lauby project.


Svoboda & Williams Launches the Sale of Units in the Nové Lauby Residential Project in Ostrava

20. September 2021

Svoboda & Williams Ceremonially Opened Its New Branch in Holešovice

On Thursday, September 16th, Svoboda & Williams held the grand opening of its new branch on Komunardů 35 in Prague’s Holešovice neighborhood.

Afternoon cocktails were served in the unique space of the Design Port furniture showroom, which is also where the new branch is located.


Svoboda & Williams Ceremonially Opened Its New Branch in Holešovice

15. September 2021

All Apartments in the Beroun BERLITA Residential Project Just Sold

The sale of the units in the successful BERLITA residential projects is over. All 61 apartments have found their owners within only ten months since their sale was launched.

"The BERLITA apartment building showed great potential from the very beginning, especially due to the chosen layouts of the various apartments, the quality construction standards, and its location in a pleasant section of central Beroun. We're pleased that our clients appreciated these positive aspects and didn't hesitate to purchase units in this new residential project,” says Jan Mráz, Senior Property Consultant at Svoboda & Williams.

Construction of the BERLITA apartment building is continuing at a brisk pace. Currently, interiors in section A are being plastered, windows are being installed in sections A and B, and the roofs are being insulated. The building's HVAC system is also being installed. 

All Apartments in the Beroun BERLITA Residential Project Just Sold

07. September 2021

Pálavská Brána Now Sold Out

The sale of the houses in the Pálavská brána residential project is officially over. Within ten months since the start of the sale, all fifteen houses have found their owners, who can enjoy living or vacationing in the picturesque South Moravian countryside by the end of the year.

"The location was the biggest deciding factor when it came to the sale of the houses in the Pálavská brána project. Since they can be enjoyed year-round, clients saw them as a good investment opportunity, now multiplied by the growing demand for properties in recreational locations," says Lenka Kjučukovová, Property Consultant at Svoboda & Williams' Brno branch.

The construction of the Pálavská brána houses is now approaching the finish line. Doors and skirting boards are being fitted in the interiors, and the landscaping around the houses is also underway. This will be followed by the last thing to be done: the fences and gates. The houses will then be ready for approval and handover to their new owners. 

More about the Pálavská brána residential project. 

Pálavská Brána Now Sold Out

18. August 2021

The New Market Report Looks Back at the Record-Breaking First Half of 2021

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has published its 7th Market Report, which summarizes the developments in the Prague premium property market in the first half of the year.

The first half of 2021 at Svoboda & Williams was marked by record-breaking demand for properties and real estate transaction speed. The availability of mortgages, whose total volume reached 224 billion crowns in June, was a major accelerator, as were expectations of the further growth of property prices and the need to secure funds. The total number of inquiries for properties from the portfolio of Svoboda & Williams in the monitored period increased by 27% in the year-on-year comparison. The incredibly strong first quarter of the year, which was the strongest in terms of demand in the last five years, had a major impact.

Along with the rising demand, the average achieved price of premium properties also increased: on average, clients of Svoboda & Williams paid CZK 134,200 per square meter for new builds and CZK 128,800 per square meter for resales. There was also a slight turnaround in the premium rental housing segment in Prague. According to the Rental Price Index by S&W + VŠE, it grew by 0.3% up to an average of CZK 32,600 per month.

Market Report H1 2021 focuses, among other things, on:

- the development of premium residential property prices in Prague;

- unprecedented interest in mortgages and its possible impacts;

- developments in the Prague residential rental market;

- the situation in Prague’s office market;

- recreational properties in the past and present.

The analyses in the Market Report are based on sales and rental transactions generated by Svoboda & Williams’ activities, to which are added data on real estate sales obtained from the Land Registry that correspond to the parameters of the monitored sample. The Market Report works exclusively with data based on actually achieved prices, the calculation of which includes the price for parking spaces and a proportion of the exterior. To recalculate the exterior area, this methodology uses a specially developed algorithm that progressively reduces the exterior area while also taking into account its ratio to the interior area.

Another useful tool for a more accurate interpretation of the development of the rental market is the Rental Price Index by S&W + VŠE, an analytical instrument developed by Svoboda & Williams in cooperation with the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the University of Economics in Prague. The data used in this index are the actually achieved rents of apartments listed by Svoboda & Williams and so it illustrates the impact that the absence of tourism had on rental prices in Prague.

Svoboda & Williams Market Report | H1 2021 download (pdf)

Read previously published Market Reports.

Print version of Market Report H2 2021 (pdf)

The New Market Report Looks Back at the Record-Breaking First Half of 2021

16. August 2021

Svoboda & Williams’ Newest Members

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency welcomed many new faces this summer. The residential rentals, sales, marketing, and property management teams all acquired new colleagues.

In June, three new Letting Representatives were welcomed by the residential rentals team. Veronika Tykalová is currently studying tourism management at the University College of Business in Prague. Her work experience in the tourism industry includes a stint at the Emirates company and she lived in Dubai for two years. Veronika is fluent in English. Adam Bergmann received his master’s degree in public administration and regional development from the Czech University of Life Sciences and also worked in IT as a sales representative. He speaks English fluently and Russian at the basic level. In his free time, Adam enjoys scuba diving, floorball, and dance. Nicole Ebnerová is currently a student of marketing communication at the College of Business and Law and is also taking interior design classes. She speaks English, Russian, French, and beginner Arabic.

During the month of July, Michaela Prchalová and Kryštof Kovanda joined separate residential sales teams as Sales Representatives. Michaela, who studied acting at the Prague Conservatory, returned to Svoboda & Williams after a two-year break during which she worked for a construction company and in a marketing agency as an Account Executive. She speaks English proficiently. Kryštof has a degree in economics and management from the Czech Technical University and wrote his master’s thesis on the development of the housing market in Prague. He previously worked as a sales team leader in the energy sector. Kryštof is fluent in English and has working knowledge of German.

Zuzana Vemeová joined the marketing team in July as Senior Graphic Designer. She earned her master’s degree in graphic design at the Technical University of Košice and has worked as an art director in several creative agencies and also as a freelancer. Zuzana also designed the brand identity of the Formafatal architectural studio. She speaks English fluently and has good working knowledge of German as well as French, due to a semester spent in Paris.

The property management team welcomed Šárka Burianová, who is now its newest Property Manager. She is currently completing her master’s degree in tourism management at the University College of Business in Prague and holds an MBA specializing in real estate. Šárka first worked in the state administration, where she helped implement the eRecept system of electronic prescriptions. She then began working in real estate as a manager of the Prague Aparthotel and 65 other apartments and recently held jobs in property management and real estate consulting for expats and students. Šárka speaks English fluently.

New reception desk staff were also hired in June, both in the Na Perštýně office and at Offices Unlimited. Starting in September, Elen Grigoryan will be studying business management at the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics. She previously worked in administration and speaks Czech, Russian, English, Armenian, and German. Adéla Drozdová will begin studying marketing and brand management at Newton University in Prague in September. She speaks both English and German fluently. Adéla Franclová now works at the Na Příkopě 15 front desk. She graduated from the English College in Prague, where she focused on translation and interpretation and is currently studying aviation operations at the University College of Business. Adéla speaks both English and Spanish.


Svoboda & Williams’ Newest Members

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