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06. April 2020

Svoboda & Williams Continues to Offer a Full Range of Services

The first COVID-19 case in the Czech Republic was confirmed on March 1st, 2020. Since then, more than a month has passed and it’s been 4 weeks since a state of emergency was declared. Despite these circumstances, Svoboda & Williams has adapted to the situation and provided its services in full throughout the month of March.

All of Svoboda & Williams’s teams are complete and continue to be ready to provide all of our services as usual. Every segment of the real estate market without exception had to adapt to the current situation. Svoboda & Williams’ real estate agents offer real-time video property viewings through video calls, and many clients have taken advantage of this option. Our residential rental and commercial leasing departments responded by offering Flexi Rentals and Flexi Office Management services that reflect the new market demands.

In March, the Residential Sales Department registered a 20-30% drop in demand. The number of newly signed reservation contracts also fell by about 20% in the same time period. We nevertheless consider this to be positive news. It’s a good market for opportunistic investors, who can now benefit from discounts that would normally not be available. Our Property Management Department saw an increase in client interest in their services. For real estate agencies, the situation is not as bleak as the media makes it seem. However, one thing is already clear: the post-Coronavirus market will a buyer’s and tenant’s market, at least for some time.

Svoboda & Williams Continues to Offer a Full Range of Services

03. April 2020

The Prague Rental Market Is Undergoing Shock Therapy. What Will the Consequences Be?

Prokop Svoboda, owner of the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency, commented on the current situation in the Prague rental market for Hospodarske noviny.

The development of the past several weeks has disrupted the entire real estate market, including the rental segment. We could say that a landlord’s market became a tenant’s market practically overnight. More on the current situation in the Prague real estate market in this article in the opinion section of Hospodářské noviny.

The Prague Rental Market Is Undergoing Shock Therapy. What Will the Consequences Be?

26. March 2020

Svoboda & Williams Presents Flexi Rentals: A New Concept of Rental Housing

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected all segments of the real estate market, including rental housing, and this doubly applies to the Prague short-term rental market, which, according to current statistics, consists of 14,000 apartments. Tenants are now likely to demand flexible relationships with landlords in this uncertain time. Svoboda & Williams is therefore launching a new concept of rental housing—Flexi Rentals—fully furnished apartments with flexible rental terms.

One of the first measures enacted after the global spread of the Coronavirus was a complete ban on tourism. The full impact of this on the real estate rental market can only be speculated. Moreover, some form of regulation of this segment can also be expected. Housing units that have until now been used as accommodation for visitors and tourists are already starting to create a surplus in the selection of apartments for rent in the wider center of Prague. The market thus has to contend with an unprecedented disruption that will affect all landlords, including those who rent their properties on a long-term basis.

Svoboda & Williams has therefore come up with a solution for the rental market: Flexi Rentals. This new concept of rental housing offers landlords complete management services of their unused units, which also include furnishing them fully. “Tenants will be able to sign contracts for a rental period that suits them and won’t have to worry about procuring furniture. We believe that this type of rental option will be greeted positively by people due to the current situation,” adds David Šimeček, Head of Residential Rentals at Svoboda & Williams. 

Svoboda & Williams Presents Flexi Rentals: A New Concept of Rental Housing

23. March 2020

Svoboda & Williams Newly Offers Real-Time Video Property Viewings

Due to the current recommended preventive measures that aim to minimize personal contact, in addition to standard property viewings Svoboda & William real estate agents are now offering real-time video property viewings. Clients can tour the property from the comfort of their own homes via WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, and other apps.

“Video viewings are nothing new to the real estate market, however, the current situation has forced us to take a more innovative approach to property viewings. Just like they would schedule a normal viewing, our brokers arrange a video call with clients at a set time. Unlike previously filmed property tours, the advantage of this format is that the broker can interact with the client in real time,” explains Michaela Koudelová, Sales Department Manager.

Please contact Svoboda & Williams if you’d like to schedule a real-time video viewing and our brokers will explain the process to you. Standard property viewings are still available for clients who prefer a more direct contact.

Svoboda & Williams Newly Offers Real-Time Video Property Viewings

15. March 2020

Svoboda & Williams Launches the Sale of Apartments in the Viladům Vršní Residential Project

Based on an exclusive instruction, Svoboda & Williams is launching the sale of units in the Viladům Vršní residential project. The six-story residence currently being built on the southern slope of Kobylisy will offer stylish living within easy reach of the center of Prague.

The boutique Viladům Vršní apartment house consists of 17 studio to three-bedroom apartments, 2 non-residential premises on the ground floor, and 2 underground floors used as a parking garage. Each apartment will come with a winter garden, terrace, balcony, or loggia. Thanks to the building’s location atop a slope, the upper levels will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the Prague panorama.

Viladům Vršní is situated in a neighborhood that has managed to preserve its small-town atmosphere and is home to a wide spectrum of civic amenities and services nearby, including a kindergarten, an elementary school, shops, playgrounds, sports opportunities, and several parks. Another advantage of the location is its easy access to the center of Prague by public transport and by car.

The Viladům Vršní is scheduled to be finished in Q4 2020.

Official website of the Viladům Vršní project.

Svoboda & Williams Launches the Sale of Apartments in the Viladům Vršní Residential Project

17. February 2020

The Real Estate Market Through the Eyes of Svoboda & Williams for the Fourth Time

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has published its fourth Market Report, which analyzes the situation in the premium segment of the Prague residential real estate market in the second half of 2019. The most significant event of the previous year was Svoboda & Williams’ expansion to the Slovak market, and so this issue has a Czecho-Slovak theme and is published for the first time in Slovak.

The analysis contained in the Market Report is based on data from the sales and rental transactions conducted by Svoboda & Williams. Complemented by sales data obtained from the Cadastre of Real Estate with parameters that correspond to the portfolio of Svoboda & Williams, a comprehensive overview of sales and rental prices on the Prague premium residential market has been created. The Market Report also summarizes the events on the Prague real estate market, placing it within the context of the domestic and international economy. On the occasion of Svoboda & Williams’ entry on the Slovak market, the topic of the report’s Focus section this time is Bratislava.

In the second half of 2019, Svoboda & Williams recorded the following trends in the premium property segment:


- Rising demand from investors is putting pressure on property prices, causing them to increase 

- Rising construction costs and premium standards of completion lead to an increase in prices in the premium real estate segment 

- The average achieved price per sq. m. of the properties monitored by Svoboda & Williams had a year-on-year increase of 3%
- The number of projects whose construction began in 2019 rose by 102%


- The supply in the premium segment remains stable, it only decreased in the segment of more affordable apartments

- Demand weakened slightly due to tenants’ lack of motivation to move 

- Increase of the short-term rental offer

An integral part of the Market Report is also a detailed analysis of sales and rental prices on the Prague premium residential market. It is based solely on data from realized, not asking, prices. Svoboda & Williams therefore created the Rental Price Index of S&W + VŠE analytical tool in cooperation with the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the University of Economics in Prague.

Svoboda & Williams Market Report | H2 2019 download (pdf)

Rental Prince Index of S&W + VŠE (pdf)

Overview of all Market Reports published so far.

The Real Estate Market Through the Eyes of Svoboda & Williams for the Fourth Time

31. January 2020

Svoboda & Williams to Support the Cultivation of Wetlands in the Popický Pond Area

February 2nd is World Wetlands Day. To celebrate this occasion, the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency decided to support the Wetlands Association, which has long been involved in soil water retention and the protection of endangered species, especially amphibians. The donated amount will be used for the cultivation of the Popický Pond area, where, thanks to the association’s efforts, the population of several rare species, such as the northern crested newt, the European tree frog, the moor frog, and the common spadefoot, has made a comeback.

The Wetlands Association focuses on both waterlogged and humid areas as well as drainage sites where newly created wetlands can bring back biodiversity. Wetland habitats are an integral part of the water cycle in our ecosystem. Compared to man-made reservoirs, they retain many times more water in the soil and in the landscape, have a positive impact on the climate due to the large amount of vapor they release, and they also cool down the surrounding area. All of these natural processes help lessen the impacts of climate change. Wetlands are also a refuge for many engendered animals and plants. However, due to irresponsible agricultural activity, surface drainage, the straightening and deepening of riverbeds, and the construction of water reservoirs, they are becoming increasingly vulnerable every year.

The protection and care of the Popický Pond area was started in 2010. To date, the pond and its surroundings have gone through significant changes that have contributed to the return of its biodiversity and successful water retention in its soil. At the same time, the number of amphibians has increased dramatically. Besides the large number of pool frogs, the population of the European tree frog and smooth newt has also gone up. The last species that has been identified there is the rare and endangered northern crested newt. An important biologically diverse site was created, which benefits us all. Svoboda & Williams is happy to contribute to its future development.

Svoboda & Williams to Support the Cultivation of Wetlands in the Popický Pond Area

16. January 2020

New Faces at Svoboda & Williams

The Svoboda & Williams team has grown by several members since the start of the latest decade. Lukáš Podaný is our new Executive Manager, and the marketing, residential sales, commercial leasing, and financial departments have all added new faces.

Lukáš Podaný, a graduate of the Czech Technical University in Prague, was hired in the fall as Svoboda & Williams’ Executive Manager. He has thus far spent most of his professional career as a project and process manager in various manufacturing, marketing, and IT companies. Lukáš also spent time working in Paris and Brisbane, and speaks French and English fluently.

The marketing team gained two new members at the beginning of the year. Miroslava Filová is the new Copywriter & Marketing Specialist for Slovakia. She is currently completing a master’s degree in Romance Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University and is a fluent speaker of English and Spanish. Martina Matiová is now in charge of project management. She studied psychology at the University of Sts. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, and speaks English at an advanced level. Martina previously worked in marketing and as a copywriter.

In November, the residential sales teams in both Prague and Brno acquired new colleagues. New Sales Representative Serafima Nekovářová joined the Prague team. She studied communications and human resources at the University of Economics and Management Prague and used to work as a Front Office Supervisor in a premium hotel. Besides being fluent in Czech, Serafima also speaks Russian and English. Our Brno branch welcomed new Sales and Letting Representative Lenka Řičánková, a graduate of the Prague DesignŠkola, where she specialized in interior design. She also has prior experience as an investment specialist at the ČSOB bank and as a producer. Lenka has a good command of English, German, and French. Residential Rentals also has a new colleague. New Letting Representative Karel Honyš is currently finishing his degree in financial engineering at the University of Economics, Prague. Before joining Svoboda & Williams, he worked for the KMPG and Accenture consulting firms.

Martina Vorlíčková, who has a master’s degree in accounting and financial management from the University of Economics, was hired as our new financial manager at the beginning of the year. She previously worked as a financial analyst for Accenture and also has experience in property management. At the same time, Kateřina Burešová joined Svoboda & Williams as a Flexible Workspace Consultant in the Commercial Leasing Department. She is also working on completing her master’s degree in andragogy at the Palacký University Olomouc. Kateřina speaks English fluently. Not quite a new face at Svoboda & Williams since she worked in the past in the Commercial Leasing Department, she also has experience in HR from her time in Škoda Auto.

New Faces at Svoboda & Williams

29. November 2019

Svoboda & Williams Wins Best Local Real Estate Agency Category at the CIJ Awards 2019

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency won the Best Local Real Estate Agency category at the 19th CIJ Awards Czech Republic. The awards ceremony took place on November 28th at the Slovanský dům in Prague.

The prestigious CIJ Awards Czech Republic are annually presented by the Roberts Publishing Media Group, s.r.o., a publisher of printed and online news covering real estate business in the region of Central and Southeastern Europe. Like every year, the aim of the CIJ Awards was to draw attention to exceptional projects, companies, personalities, transactions, and marketing campaigns from the world of real estate.

At this year's 19th annual CIJ Awards Czech Republic, companies competed in a total of 32 categories. The awards ceremony took place on November 28th, 2019, at the Slovanský dům conference hall in Prague. "I would like to thank the entire Svoboda & Williams team, our clients, and everyone who voted for us this year. We have had another great year—among other achievements, we successfully expanded to Slovakia," said Prokop Svoboda, Managing Partner at Svoboda & Williams, upon winning the prestigious award.

Svoboda & Williams Wins Best Local Real Estate Agency Category at the CIJ Awards 2019

26. November 2019

Trio Harrachov: Construction of the Cecílie Apartment House Is Almost Complete

While construction began on the second phase of the Trio Harrachov project at the end of the summer, the first mountain residence—Cecílie—will be ready soon. Currently, only 4 apartments remain for sale.

Clients can now view the layouts and vistas offered by the individual apartments, and take in the unique atmosphere of the Krkonoše Mountains and the bubbling stream nearby. No further construction is planned in the vicinity, and so future owners will be able to enjoy undisturbed peace in their alpine homes.

Please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

More information on the Trio Harrachov project.

Trio Harrachov: Construction of the Cecílie Apartment House Is Almost Complete

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