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Karlín's New Dominant Feature: David Černý's Massive Sculptures Supporting Fragment


The new Fragment residential project in Prague's Karlín neighborhood has its first permanent tenant. The developer, Trigema, has just finished the installation of the steel sculptures that will be a permanent fixture of the building. Towering over them all is a 24-meter tall female figure holding the building in her arms.

Since the very beginning, Fragment has been a closely watched emerging building. Its distinctive and original style has the ambition to revive Prague's contemporary architecture and become one of the city's landmarks. The building designed by the QARTA ARCHITEKTURA studio is supported by artist David Černý's large sculptures. In addition to the massive female figure, the building is leaning on other human torsos. "The sculptures symbolize the strength of human togetherness, our ability to support one another. The smaller sculptures are broken down into smaller components that imaginatively represent the cells in a human body. Just like in a living organism, cells function to prop up larger ones," explains David Černý, the author or the artworks.

The objects are made of chrome-nickel stainless steel with a mirror-polished surface. Their production, including the initial preparation, took almost 2 years. Workers began installing the first parts on site during the month of July, but the main challenge was scheduled for the last weekend in September. The largest sculpture, weighing almost 35 tons, first needed to be assembled on the neighboring plot. On Saturday, a crane attached its body to the Fragment building. The head, which will rotate at regular intervals, was mounted to the body on Sunday.

Fragment is ambitious not only in form, but also in substance. Behind its majestic facade made up of dynamically divided pixelated blocks, 140 apartments for rent await, furnished from floor to ceiling with designer furniture. Cutting-edge technology and a wide range of services for Fragment's residents guarantee comfort and worry-free living.

Tenants will move into the apartments in the first quarter of 2023. "There is already considerable demand for them. Clients are mostly interested in the smaller studios that offer a high standard of living at a reasonable price. There is no other similar product on the market, and so prospective renters are willing to settle for a smaller square footage in exchange for premium facilities and high quality units," states Eva Jílková, Senior Property Consultant at Svoboda & Williams, which is exclusively facilitating the rent of the apartments. "However, the larger apartments are also popular, especially those with atypical floor areas and terraces. Two thirds of the 46 units we offer are already reserved," adds Jílková.

The developer has been collaborating with David Černý for several years. His distinctive touch can be seen in Trigema's projects in Nové Butovice. "We have no doubt that the installation of the sculptures will attract the attention and interest of clients searching for truly original housing, which is exactly what Fragment offers,“ believes Jílková.

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