Apartments for Sale in Dejvice, Prague 6


Feelhome is offering you apartments for sale in Prague's Dejvice for reasonable prices. Dejvice is one of the Prague quarters that were de facto established only in the period of the First Czechoslovak Republic when the concept of its development was designed by the famous Czech architect Antonín Engel. Thanks to that the whole quarter has a modern and fresh character and so it is no coincidence that apartments and houses for sale in Dejvice have always been in great demand. For a large part of the last century Dejvice used to be a quarter of the rather wealthy social layer and it has preserved its character of certain exclusivity until today. Nevertheless, our catalogue with apartments for sale in Prague's Dejvice is a clear proof that exclusivity does not necessarily equal to limited affordability. Take a look at our apartments for sale in our catalogue and get quality medium-priced housing in Prague's Dejvice, a quarter with wide streets, exciting modern architecture and green space, that lies outside of the hustle of the Prague city center, yet thanks to the Prague metro it is only minutes away from Old Town and Malá Strana. If you are interested in any apartment from our offer do not hesitate to contact us and our agents will be glad to provide more information to you regarding the relevant property.

€ 122 642

This apartment/semi-residential unit with a winter garden and a small terrace, suitable for short-term accommodation, is located in a classy villa from 1925 with an elevator in a unique section of the Šárka Valley, a completely quiet part of Prague 6 - Dejvice near a large nature park.The area is divided into a main room, a bathroom (with a shower... more information

Reference number 41131

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