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In case you are searching for complex services in the field of architecture, interior design and urbanism, turn to the Prague and Moravia-based studio No Architects that offers professional services ranging from the initial concept and the project phase to the authorial supervision, and that has designed and implemented a wide range of various projects – extensive urban studies such as the main square in Dobříš and Přerov, family houses and public service houses, a kindergarten and interior design of apartments, public space, the studio's atelier, the church & meeting house of the Brethren Church, etc.

What is more, the professional practice consists of reconstruction and partial changes of buildings, including reconstruction of an apartment building with the use of a unique system of ventilation shafts. It is the diversity of the projects, reflecting an open-minded, innovative attitude, that makes this studio unique. Architecture according to the No Architects studio has no firm shape and no limits, but, on the contrary, embodies a creative process of seeking the most suitable, specific solution for each situation – whether it is about rediscovering lost genius loci, solving construction disproportions or designing a new concept of community living. Another strong point of the No Architects studio lies in interdisciplinary cooperation, which is based on the nature of the backbone of this studio – Jakub Filip Novák and Daniela Baráčková. Jakub Filip and Daniela, both graduates of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, belong to a group of versatile, creative people and, alongside architecture, are specialized in many other fields and disciplines. Daniela is an architect, designer and artist, who works with intermediality, connecting video, performance, installations, objects and drawings. She possesses a sense for beauty alongside talent for linking different platforms and applies them both in architecture and interior design. Jakub Filip, also a Renaissance man, is an architect with several awards as well as an author of satiric comics and articles about architecture, and also the co-founder of the "Versus architekt" association that specializes in interdisciplinary cooperation and discourses in architecture. If you are looking for architects whom you can trust with full confidence, No Architects are the perfect choice for you.

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