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House Cleaning Services in Prague

Úklidy Group, s.r.o.

The cleaning company, Úklidy Group, s.r.o., has been successfully operating as a cleaning service for Prague and its surroundings since 2010. This reputable cleaning company offers superb services at low prices. Simply contact Úklidy Group, s.r.o. and they will prepare a free quote for you regarding their cleaning services and more; you can also use their convenient online price calculator for an approximate quote.

The Úklidy Group, s.r.o. cleaning company offers the following services: regular cleaning (residential buildings, offices, restaurants, hotels, houses & apartments, bars, etc.), high-rise facade washing, window cleaning, one-off apartment cleaning, providing containers for unsorted waste, household work (including cleaning, washing, ironing, babysitting), snow removal and more. The Úklidy Group, s.r.o. cleaning company adheres to a standard time frame for their cleaning services in public areas of residential buildings. They offer, for example, 1x or 2x per week - sweeping and washing of steps, landings and corridors on all floors of the house including the ground floor, sweeping and dust mopping the floor under rugs, wiping handrails railings and window sills, washing elevator car including cleaning mirrors and all stainless steel parts in the lift, dirt removal in the grooves of elevator doors, stairs to the basement, rough cleaning around the house to 1 m, cleaning of outdoor stairs, washing of the front door with frame, removing leaflets, and removing cobwebs. Once a month they can remove ads, clean space under metal mats and outside the front door. They offer twice a year (general cleaning between March and September), sweeping of the basement, washing of the staircase railing, washing of hydrants, street lighting, windows & their frames.

The Úklidy Group, s.r.o. cleaning company has liability insurance for damages up to CZK 5 million – you're in good hands with the Úklidy Group, s.r.o. At your disposal 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, Úklidy Group, s.r.o. is the cleaning company for you!  

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