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Does your apartment or house need major cleaning before Christmas, after painting or after a wild party? For cleaning services including window cleaning, dusting, ironing and floor waxing, plus babysitting services and picking up children from school call AllServices, a professional Czech company. Besides the above mentioned services, the company also provides trade services workforce, office cleaning service and rental of cleaning equipment.

AllServices is a family firm that provides comprehensive services in the area of real estate management including one-off or regular house and office cleaning services in Prague and central Bohemia. Cleaning service in Prague is provided nonstop. Individuals and companies can also order skilled tradesmen including a plumber, an electrician, a house painter, locksmith, relocation company, as well as the so-called husband for hire service for small repairs in your home that is suitable for women that do not have a skillful man at hand or whose partner is too busy to deal with these small repairs. Rental fee for cleaning equipment includes training for the particular equipment operation, so if you e.g. need to clean your carpets and trust only your cleaning skills, renting a carpet-cleaning machine may be the best solution for you. AllServices also operates an e-shop where you can buy professional equipment for cleaning and detergents.

If you are looking for a professional company to do an extraordinary or regular household cleaning for you, AllServices is the best choice for you.

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