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Technical Services and Tradesmen in Prague


The Prague-based Aquaplumb Company offers complex services in the areas of gas, central heating, water and electricity distribution as well as drainage and sewage pipelines. All the services you order from the Aquaplumb Company will be done by its experienced and well-trained employees or by its trusted subcontractors.

If you are looking for craftsmen who will do plumbers’ work quickly and reliably, do not hesitate to talk to Aquaplumb, whose employees are sure to meet all your wishes and demands, whether it is bigger tasks such as changing of horizontal or rising pipes, changing of sewer pipes, complete reconstructions of sanitary units and bathrooms, or all kinds of emergencies and accidents such as repairs of distribution or sewer pipes. In case of emergency you are sure to appreciate that the Aquaplumb plumbers are here at your disposal during daytime, during nighttime and as well as on public holidays.

Apart from classical plumbers, the Aquaplumb Company also offers the services of heating repairmen, gas technicians, electricians and locksmiths, the specialities of the company being furnace and sewer system cleaning. Craftsmen of all these specialisations are there at your disposal by means of an emergency service, which is available non-stop and which enables you to arrange a contract for whole objects and get even better prices. If you wish to hand a portion of your hands over to experienced professionals, call Aquaplumb.

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