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Technical Services and Tradesmen in Prague

ŠikovnýMuž.cz – Husband for Hire

ŠikovnýMuž.cz can professionally handle all skilled works related to the maintenance of your household and office. The company operates in Prague and its vicinity and will help you with many things that you do not dare to do yourself or that you do not have time for.

If it has happened to you that, for example, a tradesman did repair a siphon of your bathtub but then did not put back the removed tiles and you had to call another tradesman, do not worry, for nothing like that will happen to you with ŠikovnýMuž.cz. His range of activities is namely very wide and he is able to do all sorts of maintenance and repair work. ŠikovnýMuž.cz specializes in assembling and installing kitchen units and appliances, but he can as well install your bathroom accessories, chandeliers, repair your toilet, lay new flooring, change light bulbs, repair floor and wall tiles and much more.

On the website of ŠikovnýMuž.cz you can find a calendar that will show you which days are already booked and when ŠikovnýMuž.cz should be free and able to solve your household or office problems.

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