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Are you dealing with small repairs in your home that do not require a specialized company? Is there simply not enough time in the day or do you lack the needed skills or tools to fix these small problems in your home? If you answered yes to any of these questions go ahead and contact the Hodinový manžel (Husband for hire) service operated by the J.M.K. Real Company in Prague and its outskirts. Husband for hire just may be an ideal solution to your home repair problems.

Hodinový manžel provides comprehensive services in the area of house, apartment, office or cottage maintenance. Whether you are dealing with a dripping faucet, broken light bulb, a doorbell that does not work, all that is in the competence of Hodinový manžel’s employees. They will clean your apartment, clean your carpet, mow your yard, assemble furniture, hang a picture and help solve many other similar problems. Besides small chores and issues related to the household and garden, Hodinový manžel also provides services of more expert nature such as works regarding electrical wiring, plumbing and mason work.

The company is naturally insured against liability on account of damage to clients’ property. The first hour of work costs CZK 350, the second hour is for CZK 300 and third and any following hour of work costs CZK 250.

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