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Technical Services and Tradesmen in Prague

If you are looking for skillful and reliable craftsmen, use the Prague Technical Service (Prazsky technicky servis), which provides professional services of glaziers, electricians, gasmen and plumbers as well as heating technicians. The services of the Prague Technical Service also include sewerage cleaning and complete reconstructions of flats and houses.

You can order the services of the Prague Technical Service by calling its non-stop control room free of charge and the operator will recommend the best course of action. In case of emergency, the craftsmen of Prague Technical Service will be where you need them within 60 minutes. Prague Technical Service offers a 3-year warranty on all work done by its employees.

Prague Technical Service strives to offer the highest possible quality of services and so each craftsman working for the company receives regular training and is thus able to keep up with the latest development of technologies and working methods. Since craftsmen often come to their clients’ houses or flats, the Prague Technical Service only employs craftsmen with a clean criminal record. The company offers a 20% discount for seniors, installment plans, preliminary calculation of the price, discounts for regular customers and - to for the sake of convenience - a possibility of issuing an invoice with an extended payment period (30 days).

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    U Pekařky 314/1,180 00,Praha 8 - Libeň
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