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Centrum řemesel Praha is the right choice if you have to cope with an emergency situation regarding sewerage or electricity or if you need to repair heating, a boiler or a stove or if you are looking for a professional who would do some small reconstruction project at your home. Centrum řemesel Praha provides an immediate solution for your emergency situation, as well as works of smaller extent made to order.

Clogged and smelly drains, a dripping tap, a toilet that simply won’t flush, leaking water pipes or broken taps present no problem for Centrum řemesel Praha. The company Centrum řemesel Praha specializes in sewage cleaning, construction work and plumbing. A reconstruction of a balcony, bathroom or kitchen is not even a problem for Centrum řemesel Praha.

The firm’s employees are professionals who have rich experience and will be at your disposal at any time. Centrum řemesel Praha offers its services 24/7 on weekdays as well as on holidays, as its priority is satisfaction of its customers.

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    Main office: Bělehradská 20,Praha 2,Branches: Podolská 423/20,Praha 4,Náměstí Svatopluka Čecha 1355/7,Praha 5,Zelená 1084,Praha 6,Šiškova 1232/17,Praha 8,Maňákova 797/8,Praha 9,V Olšinách 1031/36,Praha 10
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