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€ 273 921

This holiday house, which after reconstruction can become a full-fledged family house, stands on a plot of 1,501 m2 in a village just a few kilometers from the eastern edge of Prague. Nice location in the vicinity of the Voděradská bučiny nature reserve and the cascade of Jevany ponds.The current layout of the partially basement brick building cons... more information

Reference number 35960

€ 472 795

This timeless family house overlooking St. Barbara's Church ​​is located in a completely peaceful residential area in Kutná Hora, a beautiful town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The bright and airy ground floor consists of a living room connected with a living space with a kitchen, dining room, and garden terrace, a study, a bathroom, a gue... more information

Reference number 35911

€ 517 824

An offer that stands out from the rest: an interesting one-story bungalow from 2014 by architect and designer Petr Václavek with a terrace, a separate fully functional garden house, and meticulously landscaped garden. It stands on the edge of the small village of Březí in close proximity to Říčany and the Babický Forest. The practical and well-arr... more information

Reference number 35685

€ 374 109

This new energy-efficient family house is being built in a quiet location next to a natural park on the outskirts of Unhošť. The town, located near Prague 6, offers complete services, including cultural and sports opportunities. Most of the ground floor area is reserved for an open plan living space connected by French windows with a garden terrac... more information

Reference number 34773

€ 559 099

This timeless, spacious family house with a sunny terrace, a heated swimming pool, and a carefully landscaped garden is set in a new, absolutely quiet residential development in a village near Prague. The airy open space on the ground floor includes a living room, a kitchen, and a dining room. There is also a bathroom (with a shower and toilet), u... more information

Reference number 34352

€ 412 758

This spacious family house with a sunny garden is located in a quiet residential area of ​​a village close to the outskirts of Prague, near several international schools and the airport. On the ground floor, there is an airy living room with a dining area, a winter garden and an outdoor, partly covered terrace, a separate kitchen, a laundry room,... more information

Reference number 34281

€ 517 824

This family house with an indoor swimming pool, views of romantic castle ruins, and a garden ensuring maximum privacy is located in a popular residential area of ​​Říčany, in the original historical development near the central square and a large park. The entry level of the house consists of a living room, a dining room, a kitchen with double-win... more information

Reference number 33672

€ 247 655

This carefully renovated house with a gallery built at the end of the 18th century is located in the village of Třebíz, the historic center of which is a conservation area. Untouched by massive construction, the village is located near the royal town of Slaný with a complete infrastructure. On the ground floor, there is a kitchen, a bathroom, a st... more information

Reference number 35185


This new family house is being built on a corner plot in a residential part of ​​Úvaly near a nature park. Located at the eastern edge of Prague, making the city easily accessible by car and public transport. Estimated completion date is planned for May 2020. The ground floor consists of a 63.5 sq. m. large living area with a preparation for a kit... more information

Reference number 35204

€ 348 968

This new family house in a state prior to completion is situated on a quiet street in a village with a developed infrastructure. The village is located in the vicinity of Prague 6 and is set in a beautiful countryside with many tourist destinations. The property is half of a semi-detached house. The ground floor is designed as a social area with a... more information

Reference number 32813

€ 1 121 951

This air-conditioned family house with southwest-facing terraces, a swimming pool, and beautiful unobstructed views of the Vltava Canyon is situated in a unique residential area near a natural monument on the outskirts of a village on the periphery of Prague. The ground floor is divided into a living room with an open plan kitchen and dining room,... more information

Reference number 33125

€ 382 739

This spacious, energy-efficient brick house with a large garden stands in a new residential area of ​​a village that is 15 minutes away from Prague. The beautiful undulating landscape boasts many ponds, thick forests, and picturesque villages. The ground floor consists of a living room with a dining area, a kitchen, and an adjoining terrace that p... more information

Reference number 30663

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