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Regina Boquin, an architect with several years of experience working abroad, participated in such big projects as the regeneration of the London city quarter, Docklands. She has been working as an independent architect in Prague since 2001 – offering those who work with her the exciting possibility of receiving first-class services provided by her architectural studio.

Design Concepts, an architectural studio established and led by Regina Boquin, offers a wide range of services, including commercial design, residential design, interior design, space and construction planning, and so on. As a daughter of a diplomat, Regina Boquin had the opportunity to travel across the free-spirited west, to study at several universities and grow intellectually. Thanks to that, she has an attitude towards architecture which is philosophical, yet down-to-earth and she is able to create extraordinary, yet realistic projects. Regina Boquin graduated from the University of Miami School of Architecture and Engineering, from the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zurich and she holds a graduate diploma in History and Theory of Architecture from the Architectural Association in London as well. It was in London where she worked for several years and took part in the above-mentioned Docklands project that transformed the rundown dock area into a prestigious financial quarter of London, boasting some of the tallest buildings in the whole city. The architectural portfolio of Regina Boquin includes many foreign projects with one standing out the most, a monumental complex of residential and office buildings in the capital city of Honduras. It is set on a hill, composed of two harmoniously intersected volumes - a curved one and a rectangular one. The interior combines large white areas, dark wooden furniture, red details, and lush greenery. After returning to the Czech Republic, Regina Boquin, as the head of Design Concepts, worked on many projects, including the modernization of offices situated in the Adria Palace on Jungmann Square, and the complete reconstruction of a large house in Nesuchyně - during which she emphasized the preservation of the original materials. This short article demonstrates clearly that Regina Boquin is an architect with many years of experience from both abroad and from her native country, along with a wide spectrum of abilities. Regina Boquin, together with Design Concepts, will provide you with an architectural structure of your dreams. 

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