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Martina Schultes has many years of experience in the area of interior design. Since the completion of her interior design studies in California in 2004 she has been dedicated to designing interiors of family houses, private residences, sample flats in residential projects, as well as public spaces including hotels and bars.

Modern interiors designed by Martina Schultes excel in timelessness, perfect harmony of used colors and materials and pure lines. Her designs often combine original old elements of a given interior with modern design and original pieces designed exclusively for the given space. Interiors designed by Martina Schultes do not lack individuality and esthetic perfection. They excel in being practical and having sense of detail. From Martina’s wide portfolio of implemented interiors one can mention for example the interior design of the Jewel cafe bar and lounge on Rytířská Street in Prague or the reconstruction of the former U Klenotníka hotel into the Jewel boutique hotel. The works of Martina Schultes are often published in media outlets dealing with home decor and interior design.

Martina Schultes provides comprehensive services in the area of interior design from designing the concept of a given space, creating project documentation, architectural study, to implementing the interior itself. Every design is original and besides the character of the given space it also takes into account the wishes and needs of its owners.

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    Slezská 134,Praha 3,130 00,tel.: +(420) 774 51 40 51
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