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Studio Perspektiv was founded in 2015 by architects Ján Antal and Martin Stára. Together with their team, they have opened offices in both Prague and Bratislava, where they come up with creative solutions for your home, workplace, and even public spaces.

The architects’ work consists primarily in understanding the needs of the community and the individual for whom they are creating the project. In its designs, Studio Perspektiv tries to factor in sustainability and the maximum use of quality materials that only get better with age and have been proven to last, or recycled materials with the lowest carbon footprints. Their creations are recognizable for their combination of a timeless style, premium quality, and the use of smart technologies. Among their most recent residential projects is the reconstruction of a historical residence from the 16th century in České Budějovice or luxury lofts in Karlín. Studio Perspektiv’s design of a Prague technology hub for the EOH company was extremely well received and won the German Design Award 2020 for best Interior Architecture. It also designed the headquarters of GoPay with the idea to build the highest wooden structure in the Czech Republic. Studio Perspektiv’s work is proof that excellent architecture can not only change how society thinks, but is also a progressive force that brings us closer to our brighter future. 

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    Belgická 32,Praha 2
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